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After the reading I felt safe and lighter. I felt like I let go of my fears leaving me light and ready to live a better life.


I feel more relaxed and empowered to do what I want.


Wow, what a feeling, so relaxed and loving the feeling of walking away to enjoy the rest of my day.

xx Anonymous

After the reading I felt calm, relaxed and lighter and confident in my path


After searching for a long time fate brought me here. It's not only a sense of relief but a faith that I'm being understood. Thank you for everything.

Bek xx

Annette was lovely to talk to and made me feel very comfortable. I feel a sense of relief and confident that I know how to find the right direction.

Thank you so much, Kate x

Annette was amazing to talk to. She helped me to relax and gave me a sense of peace. She helped direct my energy and clear my mind.